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Together with our partners in the US we have developed a product for premier commercial Cannabis growers who want the ultimate truly pure, safe, product.

This concentrated formula extends the reach of your nutrients. Over time, growers will notice fewer nutrients are needed with the addition of AGT-50™.

The use of AGT-50™ in a 2016 cannabis study resulted in a 20% increase in crop yield as compared to the control group. A popular feedwater nutrient regimen was used in both the control and the AGT-50™ group in this study, with the only difference between the two groups was the use of AGT-50™.

Super concentrated —  1 mL per 3.78 liters or 1-gallon water.

The 33 organic acids in this formula, provide plants the ability to make antioxidants, boost respiration, build healthy soil microbes, support drought tolerance and stimulate growth and fruit.

These acids are crucial molecules from prehistoric compost that cannot be made in a lab. They comply with USDA Organic certification.

AGT-50™ is a high bioactive fulvic complex with 33 organic acids 18 of which are amino acids, and over 70 micronutrients (trace minerals, electrolytes) that are free of chemicals and synthetics.

It is not a byproduct of coal nor sourced from any human-made processes. Being of organic origin, it is the top tier of the fulvate spectrum.


We use filtered water and proprietary methods to extract the full spectrum of co-residing molecules without degrading these desirable constituents when high temperatures or chemical extraction is used.  Water is the only substance that contacts our deposit material.

Numerous independent lab tests, since 1994, for pH, total dissolved solids, electrical conductivity, fulvic mineral content, amino acid profile, organic acids, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, heavy metals, microbial profile, mineral and trace elements, mold, bacteria, and contaminants.

Our products have fulvic acid potencies from 80H to 10H on a hydrometer scale and we can customize formulations anywhere from 1.5 to 12.3pH

All of our liquid fulvic products will remain suspended in solution, easy for hydroponic operations. The pH level maintains the product’s antiviral, antibiotic and antifungal properties.