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MINERAL-FUL (MLG-50) when applied 1-2 litres per hectare twice during the vegetation period can increase the height of cannabis plants by 20 percent, resulting in a 20.9 percent increase in yield.

The cardinal finding is that MINERAL-FUL (MLG-50) will substantially increase yields without affecting potency levels of desirable cannabis plant constituents. MINERAL-FUL (MLG-50) may also increase development of certain terpenes such as Terpinolene.

The primary mode of action of MLG-50TM within the plant is as a nutrient vehicle, transporting nutrients into the cells at accelerated and more efficient rates. This is due in large part to the organic acids, trace minerals and trace elements that MINERAL-FUL (MLG-50) contains. Supplying plants with trace elements that the plant would otherwise grow without can make a considerable difference in the overall health and size of the plant.

It is highly valuable to growers who are facing considerable increases in expenses and competition. Increasing cannabis yields with MINERAL-FUL (MLG-50) on a consistent basis translates into far greater profitability for the grower, without sacrificing product quality.