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This product is easy to mix in exact concentrations to strengthen plants, increase yields and reduce wastes while maintaining high nutrient levels. The ratio of minerals to fulvic acid content in MINERAL-FUL (MLG- 50):HYDROPONICS was developed for optimal hydroponic results.

The use of MINERAL-FUL (MLG- 50) in a 2016 cannabis study resulted in a 20% increase in crop yield as compared to the control group. A typical feed water nutrient regimen was used in both the control and the MINERAL-FUL (MLG- 50) group in this study, with the only difference between these two groups being the use of MINERAL-FUL (MLG- 50).

Bioactive Fulvic
Organic Acids
Omri Certificate
Agros Certificate


As a stand-alone product, MINERAL-FUL (MLG- 50):HYDROPONICS offers more benefits than humic products alone provide.

For vegetative growth, one gallon of MINERAL-FUL (MLG- 50):HYDROPONICS makes 3,840 gallons of feed solution. Far less is applied than other brands to achieve the same or better results. It is versatile, potent, stable in liquids, easy to use and convenient to add to your products.

If you are not using any other nutrient activator and you want to increase your yields by a significant amount, or boost your current nutrient program, call us for a sample to test it on your next crop.

MINERAL-FUL (MLG- 50):HYDROPONICS may be used at the root, vegetative, and flowering stages, during which it may also be used as a foliar spray.

Guaranteed Purity and Potency

We use filtered water and proprietary methods to carefully extract 33 organic acids and over seventy trace minerals. The use of high temperatures or chemical extraction methods might be expedient but would also degrade these desirable constituents. Water is the only substance that contacts our deposit material.

AgTonik and it’s affiliate, Mineral Logic, employs independent lab testing for pH, total dissolved solids, electrical conductivity, fulvic mineral content, amino acid profile, organic acids, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, heavy metals, mineral and trace elements, as well as mold, microbes and contaminants.

Since 1994, we have tested for insecticide or chemical residues, which have never been found.

Our products have fulvic acid potencies from 80H to 10H on a hydrometer scale. We can customize formulations anywhere from 1.5 to 12.3 pH.

All of our liquid fulvic products will remain suspended in solution. Plus the naturally acidic pH maintains the product’s antiviral, antibiotic and antifungal properties.