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MINERAL-FUL (MLG-50):LIVESTOCK adds plant-based organic acids, over 70 micronutrients and electrolytes that is free of chemicals.

When used consistently through the growth cycle, MINERAL-FUL (MLG-50):LIVESTOCK will improve the bioavailability of the animals’ diet and boost their immune response, leading to the following efficiencies and benefits:

  • Better feed conversion.
  • Reduction in antibiotics and attrition rate.
  • Stronger offspring.
  • Improved stress response.
  • Specially formulated to be higher in micro-mineral ratios than our hydroponic and plant products. MLG50 pH sustains anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-viral properties, with no preservatives needed.

We offer formulations specifically suited for pelletizing feed. Simply add MINERAL-FUL (MLG-50):LIVESTOCK to the feed water or spray on granulated food. MINERAL-FUL (MLG-50):LIVESTOCK is stable, easy to use and very economical. You won’t find a more superior product for providing all animals with essential key nutrients in their diet. Benefits to biological heath are cumulative with long term use.

Bioactive Fulvic
Organic Acids
Omri Certificate
Agros Certificate

Cattle, Horses & Poultry

MINERAL-FUL (MLG-50) : Cattle
In addition to the above benefits, dairy cows show improvements in milk production and quality, and they better withstand the stress of transport.

MINERAL-FUL (MLG-50) : Horses
Horses love MINERAL-FUL (MLG-50). They tend to be calmer, less anxious and jittery.

Our customers report that with continued use, MINERAL-FUL (MLG-50):LIVESTOCK improves the digestion and metabolism of glucose and carbohydrates, reducing metabolic syndrome. Horses demonstrate a better intake of nutrients which builds healthy blood and stronger bones and tendons, which affects collagen production. Some report a reduction in parasitic infestation, healthier hoof growth and increased endurance.

MLG50 : Poultry
We were fortunate to have Dr. Walter Wilborn of Structural Research Center, Mobile, AL, conduct several studies using our MINERAL-FUL (MLG-50) fulvic complex. Dr. Wilborn, a retired research professor from the University of Alabama, has been studying the effects of fulvic minerals on his chickens and goats for several years. It was through his research lab that we discovered the following benefits for both layers and fryers:

  • Better feed conversion ratio.
  • Increased breast, thigh and body weight.
  • Earlier feathering.
  • Reduction in antibiotics.
  • Improved immune response with a decrease in mortality rate.
  • Longer egg-laying.
  • Stronger offspring.
  • Deterred molting.

Eggshell quality was improved overall. A spectrometer showed a much stronger, denser fibrous matrix. The strength of the eggs had fewer cracks leading to greater hatch rates and producing stronger chicks.

Dr. Wilborn found that the laying cycles of his layer hens were extended by 50%, well beyond a two year cycle.

MINERAL-FUL (MLG-50):LIVESTOCK comes in liquid and fine powder. We dry our liquid at low temperatures to preserve all active constituents. The powder is easy to include in feed pellets, and the liquid can be used in dosimeters or sprayed on food.

Guaranteed Purity and Potency

We use filtered water and proprietary methods to extract 33 organic acids, and over seventy trace minerals without degrading these desirable constituents as high temperatures or chemical methods do. Water is the only substance that contacts our deposit material.

AgTonik and it’s affiliate, Mineral Logic, conducts independent lab tests for pH, total dissolved solids, electrical conductivity, fulvic mineral content, amino acid profile, organic acids, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, heavy metals, microbial profile, mineral and trace elements, mold, bacteria and contaminants.

Since 1994, we have tested for insecticide or chemical residues, which have never been found.

Our products have fulvic acid potencies from 80H to 10H on a hydrometer scale and we can customize formulations anywhere from 1.5 to 12.3pH

All of our liquid fulvic products will remain suspended in solution, easy for hydroponic operations. The pH level maintains the product’s antiviral, antibiotic and antifungal properties.