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Our research on the influence of MINERAL-FUL (MLG- 50) on humus content in sugar beats, that was carried at LAMMC ( Rumokai Experimental Station of Lithuanian Research Centre) in 2016 shows, that using MINERAL-FUL (MLG- 50) with complex fertilisers before seeding and spraying at BBCH 31-39 and one month before harvesting – does increase humus content in soil by 0,65% (from 2,00% to 2,65%)

Plant-based soil amendment that provides key organic acids to naturally build soil chemistry and feed growing plants. MINERAL-FUL will chelate micronutrients and charges it, carries from soil throughout the biosphere to support life and health everywhere it goes – to plants, to animals, to human beings. In the soil, the first task of MINERAL-FUL is to transform inorganic nutrients into their activated, water-soluble, “cell-ready” micronutrient form of fulvic minerals – the only micronutrient form plants can use and the only form we can use too. MINERAL-FUL may be used as a soil and mineral fertiliser enhancer, pre-emergent, mid-season fertilizer or as a foliar spray.

This product is a high bioactive fulvic complex with 33 organic acids, and over 70 micronutrients that is free of chemicals. It is not a byproduct of coal nor sourced from any manmade processes. Being of sedimentary shale origin, it is the top tier of the fulvate spectrum. Through a pure water extraction method, MINERAL-FUL (MLG- 50) contains both fulvates and acid bound fulvic. Organic operations and other eco-friendly farmers, landscapers and golf courses will appreciate our OMRI and EKO-AGROS listed status, rigorous methods and consistent quality.

MINERAL-FUL (MLG- 50) is best as an amendment that actively boosts any growing regimen. It strengthens plants to be more disease and draught resistant with higher yields.

Past performance data indicates 2-3 litres per hectare per season provides optimal results.

Key benefits for soil and plants:

  • Addition of organic matter to organically-deficient soils >0,5% per season
  • Soil detoxication
  • Stimulate beneficial microbial activity
  • Increase root vitality
  • Improved nutrient uptake
  • Increased chlorophyll synthesis
  • Better seed germination
  • Increased fertiliser retention
  • Stimulate beneficial microbial activity
  • Healthier plants and improved yields 10%-20%
  • Eliminate micronutrient deficiencies
  • Increase plants nutrition value

Works on a cellular level:

MINERAL-FUL also works on a cellular level to provide faster cell division due to increased ATP production. Cell function is enhanced or normalized at the level of the mitochondria. Targeted molecular modulation, activation of growth regulator pathways, translocation in the nucleus and regulation of diverse genes providing enhanced stress response and growth. Activation of transforming growth factor beta pathway as well as P38 MAPK signaling that provides pathogen resistance. These acts come from the action of polyphenols, one of several organic functional groups contained in the fulvic acid.

Organic Acids
Omri Certificate
Agros Certificate

Guaranteed Purity and Potency

We use filtered water and proprietary methods to extract 33 organic acids, and over seventy trace minerals without degrading these desirable constituents as high temperatures or chemical methods do. Water is the only substance that contacts our deposit material.

AgTonik and it’s affiliate, Mineral Logic, conducts independent lab tests for pH, total dissolved solids, electrical conductivity, fulvic mineral content, amino acid profile, organic acids, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, heavy metals, microbial profile, mineral and trace elements, mold, bacteria and contaminants.

Since 1994, we have tested for insecticide or chemical residues, which have never been found.

Our products have fulvic acid potencies from 80H to 10H on a hydrometer scale and we can customize formulations anywhere from 1.5 to 12.3pH

All of our liquid fulvic products will remain suspended in solution, easy for hydroponic operations. The pH level maintains the product’s antiviral, antibiotic and antifungal properties.